Assessor's Office

***The assessor’s office holds office hours on Tuesday Only from 9-4PM. Please contact the assessor’s office at (989) 697-3820 and leave a message or set up an appointment, and the assessor’s office will contact you as soon as possible.

POSITION         NAME                                     EMAIL
Assessor             Steven Coucke, MAAO 
Assistant             Christopher Coucke, MMAO  

The Assessing Department
The Assessor is the government official responsible for establishing the value of property for tax purposes. All property within the Township is valued each year as to its status on December 31. The Township Assessor is responsible for evaluating your property’s value and the Township Treasurer is responsible for collecting your taxes.

The Assessing department consists of the Township Assessor and an assistant assessor. The Assessing department is the first link in the property tax revenue chain. The Assessor’s responsibility is the discovery, listing, and evaluation of all properties within the assessing jurisdiction. The primary purpose of the Assessing Department is to estimate the fair market value or “true cash value” of all real and personal properties located within Fraser Township. The department studies the sales market and collects information on the properties in order to estimate current market value.

The Assessing department does not create value. Rather, value is created by economic forces in the market of buyers and sellers. The Assessor studies transactions in the market and appraises all property in accordance with state law and State Tax Commission guidelines. The Assessing Department also keeps track of ownership changes, maintains legal descriptions for all land and prepares sketches of all buildings and summarizes their characteristics.

CPI (Inflation Multiplier) For 2024, the CPI (Inflation Multiplier) is 5%. This is the increase in taxable value that the vast majority of property owners will see for 2024. This is determined at a federal, then state, level, and is not something Fraser Township can deviate from.

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